8 Ways to Add Your Personality to Your Home

Not a fan of having a house that looks like everyone else’s? Sick of seeing the same interior designs? Want a home that screams ‘YOU’? You can create a unique home experience too and it doesn’t have to break the bank! Where else to show off your bold taste and fun personality than your abode? You would love to stay home too!

Show off your collectibles

Fan of collecting action figures? Antiques? Books? Get them out of the cabinets and show them off to your guests! Admire your prized possessions at your free time.

Create a gallery wall

Skillfully arrange your photographs on a wall to make it a gallery. You can showcase your favourite artwork or some of your memorable moments captured on frame. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words.

Make a wall your canvas

Transform a wall or part of it into a blackboard and get those creative juice flowing as you decorate your wall with some chalks! No need to worry about mistakes as it can be easily cleaned and redone.

Play with the lights

Light fixtures can act as a centre piece. It can turn into a point of conversation between you and your guests too. Take your time to choose a pendant light that connects with you and let it do its magic!

Introduce unique furniture/accessories

Be it a peculiar clock or a coffee table that can double up as an art piece, display them to add some character to your home interior. Time for some serious shopping!


Add bold colours

Add a splash of your favourite colour that pops in a room. A simple yellow cushion can brighten up a room and make it less boring.

Add artwork or decorative items you love

Go on a shopping spree and pick out artsy decorative items that you love! Install some shelves with concealed lighting to show off your awesome taste in art!

Display your hobbies

Love growing plants and making your own terrarium? Loving knitting scarves for your loved ones? Display your favourite works around your home to add a personal touch.

Bottomline – Do what you like 😉

Just do what works for you, make your own rules! After all, you know yourself best!

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